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Virtual Commercial Card for Global Payments
TripLink is a professional financial technology company with the mission of "Technology Empowers Finance", providing customers with modern cross-border payment services that are safe, stable and flexible, helping enterprises to develop globally, accelerate business growth and improve profitability. We are constantly innovating and improving just to serve you better.
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Global Leading Industry Solutions, bring a brand new payment just for you
TripLink covers both online and offline daily operation payment scenarios comprehensively, and improves the operational efficiency of enterprises by providing unique and efficient payment solutions, to achieve more accurate cost control.
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Customizable card issuance solutions for an unique payment experience
Flexible card management
Supports self configuration of limit & expiry dates
Wide range selection of Card type
Supports various types of virtual cards and physical cards
Customized Card design
Supports Co-branded Card design
Precise transaction control
Supports decision-making on authorized transactions based on business strategy
About Us
Founded in 2018, TripLink is a holding subsidiary of Trip.com Group, with branches in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, London, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, providing fully customized payment services for global customers. With “Technology Empowers Finance” as our mission, TripLink is committed to building a secure and efficient global payment network with direct connection to the local settlement system to meet a range of needs such as cross-border payments for cross-border e-commerce, general trade, and international shipping and travel. TripLink is committed to being a trusted service provider and creating a successful future together with our customers.
Our Awards
TripLink, one of the top virtual card issuers in Asia, was awarded the "Highest Market Share Commercial Card Spend Award","Highest Market Share Cross-border Commercial Card Spend Award" and "Highest Growth Commercial Card Spend Award" in Hong Kong from Mastercard® in 2022.