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Credible & Trusted Card Service Experts

Born for Travel Industry

Perfect customized solutions

Individual Financial System

Strong stability

Local Professional Services

Guaranteed card experiences

Strictly Controlled

Safeguard your funds

Online Travel Industry

TripLink Virtual Commercial Cards

Pay travel suppliers instantly by issuing a virtual card for each booking you make

Spending Control

Minimizing intermediate payment costs by serving as a link between suppliers and consumers

Avoid Tying Up Funds

Real-time payments, optimize your cash flow, manage peak volume transactions without exceeding credit limits

Real-time Decision Making

Set your own rules and participate real-time transaction authorization

Automatic Reconciliation

Provide multi-dimension reports, control transaction data at all time just on your fingertips

Create Multiple Virtual Cards at Once

Payment to multiple suppliers only in one transaction

Real-time Batch Issuing Cards

Rapidly develop your supplier network. Avoid order delays, and enhance a great customer experience

Dynamic Payment Management

Avoid overpayments and optimize cash flow by limiting authorized transaction to specific amounts

Automatic Reconciliation

Ensure Transaction Record matching with the order number in the system
Advertisement Exposure


Acting as an important channel for products exposure & advertisement on mainstream social platforms, search engines, and other market usage

Widely Used

Widely accepted by main Advertising Platforms: Facebook, Tiktok, Google Ads, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest Instagram

Stable Advertising

Ensure the stability and convenience of advertising
Employee Benefits

Budget Control

Simplify internal budget monitoring and reimbursement processes

Simplified Management

Individual management of the employees spendings

Convenient reconciliation

Simplify the procedure of finance reconciliation

Employee's Point of View

Promote corporate values and culture

Simple Payment Process

Transparent payment process for overseas tuition payments

Global Payment

Support major multi-currencies exchange and payment


Reduce payment costs and Improve payment efficiency
Shop Overseas, Subscription Services and Membership Subscriptions

Shop Globally

Enable you to shop overseas, pay for subscription services, and membership subscriptions

Widely Accepted

Shop Overseas: Amzaon, eBay, Shopee, Lazada, Wish, SHEIN, Temu
Subscription Services: YouTube, Netflix, Spotify
Apps Development: Google Cloud, Apple, Alibaba Cloud

Ultimate Shopping Experience

Enjoy shopping and services overseas hassle free